Monday, August 20, 2007

St. Anthony comes through ...

Indigo 6E277 was more or less on time, making a bumpy landing in heavy rain. One of my bags and my mom's bag were the first two off the conveyor. My second bag never showed up (this is your bag, J!). After waiting for an hour, an Indigo ground staff person suggested that I fill out a missing bag claim and they'd update us once they locate it. "I think it's still in Baroda," she said. I thought it was more likely that it stayed on the plane and went on to Bangalore.

Sure enough, that's what had happened. They called me at 4:30pm or so to tell me that it was in Bangalore, and then around 10:15pm that it had arrived back in Bombay. They're supposed to deliver it this afternoon.

Well, I hope this isn't premature (given that the bag isn't here yet! However, I called this morning and they were waiting on the delivery agency), but I must say I'm impressed.

[:: UPDATE :: Bag's here! :) :: The most important contents? Five boxes of contact lenses to last me the next few months. One can get these without a prescription in India...]

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Mac said...

Hmmm...that's a thought. What is the cost of spectacles in India? It would set me back $1500 (cough) to replace mine in Australia. I wonder if a new pair could be whipped up for me in a day in Bombay.