Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sede vacante nihil innovetur

When the See is vacant, there are no innovations. The latest issue of the Diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Miscellany, has an informative piece about what happens when a Bishop is named by the Holy Father to another See. The empty seat: What happens when a bishop is reassigned?
When a bishop is assigned to a new diocese or retires, he automatically becomes administrator of his former see until he is installed in the new one — but he no longer has full executive powers, according to Canon law.

“At the point he is notified of his transfer, all official offices like vicar general cease to be. The only one canonical office that stays in this period is judicial vicar,” said Msgr. Charles Rowland, judicial vicar for the diocese. “The bishop can use the men he had in these various positions and he can delegate to them but he cannot create positions.”

Bishop Baker’s duties as administrator of the Diocese of Charleston end on his installation as bishop of Birmingham on Oct. 2.

“On Oct. 2 we will have a diocesan representative at his installation to attest that the oath and installation has taken place,” Msgr. Rowland said. “That means if a bishop has not been named on Oct. 2 the see becomes vacant.”

If the Vatican has not appointed an administrator for South Carolina, then the College of Consultors for the diocese will be called together to elect one. This has to be done within eight days of the transfer.
Do read the whole piece. And aren't we glad that the Miscellany is now online, even if it is buried in the silly frames layout of the Diocesan website?


Patrick said...

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