Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Off to the holy city

To Benares (Varanasi), on the Ganges (Ganga). Mom expressed a desire to visit, and I'm accompanying her. We'll return to Delhi on Thursday. Off this afternoon on Spicejet flight 114, departing DEL at 2:35 pm. Given the chaotic state of New Delhi's airport, I doubt that will be anywhere near the time we depart. Returning on Thursday, also on Spice Jet. We're staying at the Taj, and I suppose some boat-rides on the holy river and visists to temples (Kashi Vishwanath, which abutts a mosque) is on the cards.

I've never been, so this should be fun!


thomps said...

Spicejet? I love the name of that airline. Although I'm sure the Spice Girls have nothing to do with the inspiration for the name it does bring some interesting mental concepts to mind - Spice Girl pilots???

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

I thought Charleston, SC was "the holy city." :grin: Here I thought you'd snuck back to the states for a bit...

Hope your time with your Mom is all you're looking forward to it being.