Friday, August 10, 2007

The obsequies of Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger

[Had to interrupt the reportage of the Banaras trip to mention the funeral of this remarkable man.]

The Cardinal's grand-nephew sprinkles dirt from the Holy Land on his coffin. Photo courtesy Yahoo.

John Allen's coverage in the Wall Street Journal: The Conservative Revolutionary..

Rocco has a beautiful piece up: Kaddish for the Cardinal, and he translates the La Croix coverage of the funeral. A commemorative plague for the Cardinal in Notre Dame Cathedral will read:
I was born Jewish.

I recived the name

Of my paternal grandfather, Aaron

Having become Christian

By faith and by Baptism,

I have remained Jewish

As did the Apostles.

I have as my patron saints
Aaron the High Priest,
Saint John the Apostle,
Holy Mary full of grace.
Named 139th archbishop of Paris
by His Holiness Pope John-Paul II,
I was enthroned in this Cathedral
on 27 February 1981,
And here I exercised my entire ministry.
Passers by, pray for me.
† Aaron Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger
Archevêque de Paris
(I don't know about you, but reading that gave me goosebumps. RIP.)


Alan Carter said...

Beautiful indeed. I've been moved by the late Cardinal's wishes to honor his Jewish birth and his Catholic faith.

I read your blog all the time, and really appreciate your sharing. I recently got "tagged" by another man just beginning his discernment journey. He's "where I was" when I first found your blog, so I thought I'd tag you with it as well.

Thoughts on the Journey...: 8 Things About Me

Thanks again for the time you take in posting to the blog. I LOVE the pictures, and how you share your culture and country with us.

Gashwin said...

Alan -- thanks for dropping by and tagging me! Thanks also for your kind words. Glad to have "met" you!