Thursday, August 09, 2007

Heading back to Delhi

It's been quite an interesting trip to Benares. I'm sitting right now
at a Sify cybercafe across the street from the Taj. Rs. 35 for 50
minutes it's a lot better than Rs. 200/hour that the Taj charges for
wifi (Hence the lack of blogging! But, one gets what one pays for --
the browser is so primitive that blogger's dashboard just doesn't
load. Gmail is painfully slow. I'm emailing this to the blog.). The
Spicejet flight back is -- surprise surprise -- 1h30 behind schedule.
We were about an hour behind schedule coming in. Delhi is just way
too clogged.

More posts coming soon -- I've written three mini essays which will be
up tonight, once I'm back in Delhi. Photos too.


City Yogin said...

That's the Sify internet cafe I was at in Benares too! :-)
Can't wait to see your pics and hear what you have to say!!!
Miss you!

Gashwin said...

Ah, you did stay at the Taj!I couldn't remember ... it was probably the best part of the stay! Two posts up. More and photos soon!