Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Benedictio Cerevisae

Go check out the Beer Blessing at Izzy's.

[Oh yeah, this has appeared here before as well.]

And, in an email exchange, this just appeared in the inbox.
This extract from Aelfric's Colloquy, set in a 10th century British monastery where a master is talking to a group of boys. They've just talked a bit about diet, and the dormitories are next, but first let's see how we transition from table to unconsciousness:

Q Et quid bibis?
R Cervisam, si habeo, vel aquam si non habeo cervisam.
Q Nonne bibis vinum?
R Non sum tam dives ut possim emere mihi vinum; et vinum non est potus puerorum sive stultorum, sed senum et sapientium.

Q And what do you drink?
R Beer, if I have it, or water if I don't have beer.
Q You don't drink wine?
R I am not so rich that I can buy myself wine; and wine is not a beverage for children or fools, but for elders and wise men.

Make of it what you will.
Heh. Ok, enough dawdling around Atlanta airport. Time to wend my way to the gate.

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St. Izzy said...

Isn't it odd how you see something at one time and quickly forget, but then see it another time and it sticks? I had forgotten all about the conversation at your blog last year when I bumped into that prayer again a couple weeks ago. I wonder if it will stick for a year this time. (Repetitio mater memoriae.)

And I ended up posting part of that e-mail in the comments at my own blog. So we must be thinking alike. Scary.