Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Australia Pics

As some of y'all know, the little portable external-hard drive which had the only copies of my photos from the trip to Australia crashed. (Well, literally. I lifted up an over-heating laptop in a hot hotel lounge in San Juan, and it fell off it's USB cable and crashed to the floor with an alarming thud) All inquiries about trying to recover something off the drive have lead nowhere so far, and the price estimates have been somewhat stratospherical.

Anyway, I'd posted over a hundred low-res photos from the trip on the blog, which have now been duly downloaded and put up on Flickr. Enjoy!

In the meanwhile, the friends in Oz who'd copied some of my photos will be sending me copies of their copies. And the brother is going to take a look at the hard drive itself to see if anything is at all possible. (I mean, what use is a brother who works in India's much vaunted software industry if he can't assist in this area, eh? :)).

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Mac said...

Well, if only I could figure out how to insert some photos but not all that are on my own hard drive. Actually to remove the irrelevant ones. You don't really want photos of my ancestors, I shouldn't think.