Sunday, August 12, 2007

Act of God

So I get an email with five photos of my car banged up. A tree fell on it last night. As some of y'all know, my close friend Matt's been using the car while I'm away. There was a storm. It took out the neighboring car's windshield. No one was hurt, thankfully.

The landline that has international dial facility is down. The balance on my mobile here is rather low. So I went to the Alltel website to text Matt my number so he could call me. That section of Alltel's website wasn't working. So I did the same at Verizon's for J, who emailed me back. And a few minutes later Matt did call, using one of my Reliance India calling cards (it's like 10c/minute to call India). Ah the joys of modern communication.

It'll probably end up being a claim on my insurance.

Ah well.

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