Monday, July 30, 2007

The summer draws to a close ...

And what a wonderful summer it's been! I'm off tomorrow to Delhi to spend a few weeks with mom and family. We'll go to Varanasi for a couple of days, which is awesome. I've never been there. A week or so at the parental home in Baroda, and then a few days in Bombay. I'll return to SC on August 24, and on August 29 it's back to seminary.

I'm flying Delta/Air France tomorrow. Delta from Columbia to Atlanta and then on to Paris (767. Delta's transatlantic 767s have sucky legroom), and Air France to Delhi (on an A340, which I've never flow on!). Both Delta and Air France are part of Skyteam, so I get NW miles and some elite privileges. However, I'm really p/oed that a) Air France changed my seats from the exit row that I'd selected when I booked to generic aisle seats and b) that I won't be able to get any seat selection on Delta till I get to the airport ("It's an Air France reservation sir. We cannot access it at this moment.")! Which means that I'm going to be stuck in some middle seat somewhere on the transatlantic leg. UGH. NOT HAPPY. (Offer it up and all that, right?)

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