Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Montreal's Catholic street signs

Our Lady and St. Peter Streets, originally uploaded by gashwin.

Though Quebec is one of the least churchgoing places in North America, its Catholic heritage is evident everywhere, not least in the street signs.

[Can anyone recommend a good history of the Quiet Revolution, especially as it impacted the Church?]


Mac said...

Here's a somewhat triumphalist one, written by a junior college (as it would be called in the USA) history lecturer in Montreal. The fact that it comes from a rather heavily invested party is indicated by the fond "those were the days" tone as well as the Quebec French locutions in the syntax.


Gashwin said...

Succinct summary -- but yes, he does sound somewhat, to be crude, like an aging hippy.

Mac said...

Well, I think he sounds wistful is what he sounds. I don't think Jean Lesage, Eric Kierans, René Levesque & Co. could by any stretch of the imagination be called hippies. Nor were hippies in particular New Left (if you are familiar with the Port Huron Declaration). Or Old Left for that matter. They were counter-culture.