Monday, July 16, 2007

The Los Angeles sex-abuse settlement

You know, this Church of ours, entrusted by Our Lord and Savior with the fullness of the means of salvation, certainly knows how to screw up big time. A six-hundred million dollar settlement! Let that sink in!



[Before I get jumped on -- when I read these stories, that was my first thought. "Fullness of the means of salvation? Geez!" Of course, nothing that the Church has said about herself in Vatican II, or later in Dominus Iesus or the latest CDF clarification, suggests that Catholics -- even Cardinals and Popes -- are infallible or inerrant (I'm not talking about doctrine). However, isn't that how it is perceived all over? By us? By faithful Catholics as well as disillusioned former Catholics, as well as the world? Just listen to the response to the CDF's clarification on "subsistit." "How dare they suggest that they're better than everyone else." Which, of course, is not at all what was said or meant. It makes some sense, I suppose, the schadenfreude that ensues all around when the Church -- which makes exalted claims -- messes up. It's no good to harp on about distinctions between the Church herself, in her mystical reality, and her sinful members, true as that might be -- that is not how things are perceived, and, at a human level, not how the Church really operates, if one thinks about it.

Sorry, just some jumbled thoughts. Mainly a reminder to avoid spiritual pride, and gloating. "He gnosis fusioi, he de agape oikodomei." Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. (1 Cor 8:1)]

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