Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's here: The Pope's Motu Proprio liberalizing the use of the "Tridentine" Mass

[Spent the day with friends in the Holy City -- Charleston, not Rome! -- so haven't been able to blog on this yet.]

Summorum Pontificum. Go to American Papist for a roundup of the news and coverage in the Catholic blogosphere, as well as links to the text (so far in an unofficial English translation).

Amy's re-emerged from her blog-break. And Rocco has an analysis as well. Some more good places that I've just skimmed over:

Don Jim
, New Liturgical Movement, Sandro Magister.

And, yeah, just avoid MSM. (The headline on AOL was "Pope Changes Church rules: Jews, Liberals outraged")

Now, to read the text (well, the un-official English translation. Dealing with all this Latin at this hour surely be soporific) before bed.

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