Saturday, June 09, 2007

¡Puerto Rico!

¡Estámos aquí!

Took nearly an hour to get through security in Atlanta, and it was after 4 pm before the full MD88 took off. A nice flight down to San Juan -- we flew over the Kennedy Space Center, where the Shuttle was to take off from later -- and among the nicest flight attendants ever.

The hotel we're staying at in Condado is awesome. It's in a rather modish stretch that feels a bit like southern Florida with colonial Spanish architecture and art deco dominating. A leisurely dinner at a nearby restaurant (tried out mofongo for the first time) and then to the Marriott further up Condado (a happening part of town apparently) for mojitos and a live salsa band.

Now to bed! Photos will be coming up anon!

[Blogger loads in Spanish. ¡Me encanta!]

[I'm digging the Pope's book. Totally!]


Ambrose said...

Puerto Rico! Estoy envidiosa.
Is Lupe's still there in San Juan? That fantastic dive with the live music (I feel so old asking about it).

Dogwood Dell said...

Tienen un bien viaje en Puerto Rico. Deseo ver sus fotografías hoy!

Have fun, avoid getting sunburned and be safe. I'll try keeping happy thoughts of y'all while I'm pulling weeds and mowing the yard today.

Heather said...

Yum mojitos. You're going to have to teach me how to make those when you get back up here!

Gashwin said...

Ambrose: no he encontrado ningun bar nombrado "Lupe." Pero sí, hemos divertido de nuestro viaje ...

Dogwood ... Tengan un buen viaje ... :)

Heather: fo sho! :) Will you still be up there in the fall?