Thursday, June 28, 2007

Of the value of cell phones

I was back up in the City yesterday (to see good friend J off at Newark as she embarked on a trip to my homeland. Wish I could go, but class schedule didn't permit our trips to overlap!).

There was a power outage in the city yesterday, and the Met was evacuated. Nothing due to us having just visited the newly renovated Greek and Roman galleries (photos coming up). And then later on, some mean thunderstorms struck Queens. R was stuck in the library for two and a half hours, the rain was so intense, there were periods of hail and plastic benches flying around the parking lot. I got stuck on the Grand Central Parkway returning to Queens from Newark. Parking lot. Lots of lightning, no rain, and a mean dark grey sky ahead. Flights were still taking off and landing from LaGuardia as the traffic inched passed.

So, I get P on the horn, and sitting in Aiken SC, and thanks to the wonders of Google, he directs me off the Grand Central, through some backroads in northern Queens to where I need to go. (P: "Yeah, you know how they color code the intensity of precipitation? Where, it's all red over that part of queens right now.")

The rain hit like a waterfall near Hillside. I passed at least two downed trees. And about 15 blocks from R's place, traffic backs up again as a bus sits broken down and forlorn in the middle of an intersection, while torrents of water gush down hill from the side streets.

It took three hours and ten minutes to get to Jamaica from Newark. If it weren't for the cell phone, I'd have gone stir crazy.

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