Thursday, June 14, 2007


So it was 1:15 am by the time we got to Charlotte (flights in the Northeast were affected by a couple of thunderstorm systems) and after 3 before we got back to Columbia. Then today, the car died ... I think it's the alternator (and hope it's nothing more complicated!) so I had it towed to my favorite garage downtown and Matt B will get me up to Charlotte again tomorrow after class to get me to my flight up to the City to visit R for the weekend. In the meanwhile, I'm driving a little Dodge Neon from Enterprise (didn't know they had a rental location smack in the heart of downtown!). I almost got rented a PT Cruiser, which would have been hysterical (that's what we had in Puerto Rico.)

Back down South on Monday. I think I'll take a respite from my travels then.

For a bit. :)