Friday, May 18, 2007

What? He's been beatified already?

This link to a piece in the Huffington Post showed up in one of my news readers, with the following paragraph:
Just how difficult is it to acquire sainthood these days? To judge by recent events in the Holy City that have resulted in the late Pope John Paul II being fast tracked through the first stage thus arriving at "Beatification" in less than two years perhaps it is far easier than you, dear reader realised.
Wow. I missed Pope John Paul's beatification! What else happened while I was in Australia, I wonder!

Given this is the quality of fact-checking in the first paragraph, it's probably best to ignore the screed that follows that tries to sling mud away in the most puerile fashion at the late Pope.

But, it's the Huffington Post. They absolutely love the Catholic Church over there.

:: UPDATE :: Mercatornet has a review that takes apart these claims.

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