Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ta ta Cairns

... off to Melbourne in a few, on Jetstar's 11:10 am flight. Let's see how Qantas' low-cost spinoff compares to Virgin Blue, which, so far, has been efficient and friendly.

Well, Aussies as a whole are darned friendly. The service industry from the US could learn a thing or two -- and most amazingly, dsepite not having a tipping culture at all! No tips! Period!

G'day y'all :)


Mac said...

One of the clerks in the supermarket today actually said "Please"! I of course commented favourably: Australians do not say "please": it's "Ten dollars fifty thanks" and "You're welcome" is unknown. She responded that she had noted my North American accent and that, indeed, I had had an American visitor during the past week. And she aimed to, well, please. "So are you going to say "You're welcome" after I say "Thank you"? "You bet!"

Gashwin said...

Nice to know that one has had a positive effect! :)

At some point this week, oh I think it was when I was checking in at the hostel in Melbourne, I think the receptionist could barely keep from gigglin' each time I said, "Oh ok, thanks m'am" and "Yes m'am" and so on :)