Monday, May 14, 2007


Rainbow over the wing.

St. Mary's Cathedral

They're counting down!

A real city.

The flight in was 1h20m late (due to, of all things, thick fog that blanketed the capital of New South Wales in the morning. I suppose it's a consolation to know that it's not just Delhi that has to deal with fog related disruptions!). However, that meant that the rainbow below appeared over the left wing as we waited at the gate to push-back.

Unfortunately, the approach into Kingsford Smith was from the south -- the northern approach offers a great view over the Sydney Harbor, including the Opera House. Oh well.

By the time I'd checked into a little hotel in the Kings Cross area (the bohemian district, and also a bit seedy with all these adult bookstores and peep show thangs around. Backpacking hotels and cheap eateries abound!), it was past 11:00 am. I had lunch at a Thai place on Darlinghurst Rd. and then went to Hyde Park and St. Mary's Cathedral as Daily Mass was just letting out (WOW! What an amazing place!), before walking up to the harbor and the Opera House. Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the Royal Botanical Gardens and seeing the fantastic colors as the sun set over the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

The Opera House is actually pretty amazing.

Enjoy the photos!

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Mac said...

And Kings Cross has been the bohemian district for a very long time. There is a now rather amusing (as to its facts, not that appeal cases that make it into the law reports are generally memorable for their facts) administrative law case in the High Court of Australia from 19-odd-58 in which the original occasion of the intervention of the law was that a Lebanese restaurant in Kings Cross was serving wine with its dinners, without the necessary licence. Sir Owen Dixon CJ prefaced his judgment by explaining for the benefit of normal people that, believe it or not, there are people who like to drink wine...and while they are eating! Imagine that.