Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spotted around Sydney

Hmm. I wonder what this car is about.

Gorgeous fountain on Darlinghurst Rd.

... and, he manages to stand up! ... well almost!

Yeah, I eat at McDonalds. Love the way how the inside cover of this box tries to portray Mikey D's as good ol' homegrown Australian!

Tomorrow is the last day of this trip. I think I'll skip the Manly ferry -- there's only so much one can take of the gorgeous coastline (without actually getting one's feet wet ...). Most probably will walk across the Harbor Bridge and then visit the Australian Museum. Have to leave for the airport around 6:00pm for the 9:00pm departure to Honolulu.


PixelChick said...

Hah, that last thing is something MickeyD'll never be able to say in India :) It must be really cold there now, no?

PixelChick said...

Just catching up on your Oz entries. I missed noticing it when I was in New Zealand a few years ago, but does water really swirl anti-clockwise into the drain?

assiniboine said...

Well, you should MAKE time for the Manly Ferry. And don't just walk across the Harbour Bridge -- go up in the north pier. Best views in town.

Gashwin said...

Hey Pixelchick! Long time no see! I was just about to email you wondering what was up! :) As to the reference to the Coriolis effect: it's a myth. (See my entry on "Miscellanea australes" from last week) -- the effect is real enough, but the force is rather small and not really observable in a bathtub or toilet bowl.

@ Mac: Oh I do plan on going up the pylon. I believe it's the southeastern pylon. We shall see about the Manly ferry. I am more intrigued by the Australia Museum and spending some time getting to learn more about the aboriginal peoples.

Mac said...

Yes, you're right: it is indeed the south one.

Really? You who were so dismissive about museums!

The Australian Museum doesn't have much at all about aboriginal Australians and the section they have on the South Pacific is highly politicised and deeply wrong. (I pointed out to them that their display on the peoples of the Solomon Islands had the Austronesian and Non-Austronesian peoples and their various customs all backwards. Not interested. Things have gone downhill since Tim Flannery fell out with them and took off, clearly.

PixelChick said...

I've been coming by and just skimming through the above-the-fold posts. It was super-busy at work - you know that's where most of my blogging/blog viewing happens, right? :)

I finally read the Miscellenea post. I feel sort of cheated. God knows how many times the Coriolis effect has showed up in objective type questions - annual NTSE scholarships to IIT entrance. All that for nothing (noticeable)?

Anonymous said...

as I ponder the value of (Mmmmm^3*10^8)^10! Wow what a large number, unless of course Mmmmmmm^3 is less than (1/10^8)!