Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spotted around Adelaide

We also ducked into the South Australian Museum -- free entry! -- I'm not normally a big fan of just wandering around museums, unless there is something on exhibit that I really want to see. We did spend some time in the aboriginal artifacts section -- this is the only time I really noticed the native population, they're so invisible otherwise. [Most of the folks one sees are white. Which is, of course, to be expected. There's some immigrant minorities -- especially in Melbourne, and I suspect more in Sydney. But, unlike the US, especially coming from the South, one hardly sees any black people. The most I noticed was up in Cairns, and that was hardly any.] And, I actually learned something completly new in the fossil section. Apparently, in the time since I was in school, they've added a whole new rung to the worldwide geological time scale: the Ediacaran. This to based on fossil evidence from the Flinders Range, right here in South Australia!

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Mac said...

I'm so glad you got to the South Australian Museum. You were a mite sceptical when I urged it upon you. But dusty old display cases chock full of information that latter day museums with their Disneyland approach cannot even begin to approximate in interest. Eh. (Well, the Smithsonian is pretty terrific, I will grant you....)