Wednesday, May 02, 2007

San Francisco - Honolulu - Sydney - Brisbane

(On approach into Rwy 8R into Honolulu)

The trip down under begins!

Left the hostel in San Francisco at 6:00 am for an 8:30 am departure ... was seated next to an Italian couple on their way to visit their daughter (and new grandson) in Hawaii. Their first trip outside Italy in 30 years. They didn't speak of a lick of English, so yours truly helped interpret. There's only so many ways one can say, "two Cokes please" :-)

Hawaiian is a decent airline, I must say -- friendly service(as US carriers go), though all the videos about "paradise" were way too touristy and off-putting. 5h08m to Honolulu from San Francisco, a brief 1h layover and then 10h20m to Sydney. I rentered one of their digital players on the Sydney leg and watched the History Boys (interesting) and the Departed (rivetting, if rather bloody). Sitting at a cyber cafe in the domestic terminal, waiting for a Virgin Blue flight to Brisbane, after dining on Turkish fast food.

Australian money is funny -- the watermark is on a bit of transparent plastic! A bit startling at the beginning. But I guess everyone remarks on how silly US currency is -- all the same size and color! :-)

G'day y'all! :-)

[::Update:: In Brisbane, uneventful flight from Sydney. I slept the entire way. Now to sleep -- as in stretch out and sleep. :) It's 11:40pm Eastern Standard Time (Australia) on May 2. Y'all on the East Coast are just about getting started with your day ... :)]

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