Thursday, May 17, 2007

Priest shot in New Delhi

From Asia News:
The headmaster of a Catholic primary school on the southern outskirts of New Delhi is out of danger, following a gun attack which took place in his office yesterday afternoon. The police maintain that the motive behind the attack is attempted robbery, a theory the Archdiocese has excluded while voicing its concern over the lack of clarity in investigations.

Fr. George Philip, 35, is headmaster of St. Vincent Palloti Primary School, in Sangam Vihar. Witnesses present at the time of the attack report that two young men had arrived at the school late yesterday morning asking for the headmaster; one of the two had already presented himself at the school a day earlier, where he had asked for information about admission. Fr Philip had suggested he come the next morning together with his child. As the Priest was not in the building when they arrived the two returned later that afternoon; the offices were closet but the Priest welcomed them and inviting them to take a seat handed them the admission form to fill in. It was at this point that one of the two took out a handgun of Indian make, shooting at the Priest three times, injuring him on the left side of his chest. The two attackers then fled the scene as school staff ran to aid the headmaster and call police.
Another article gives an overview of recent violence against Christians in India.


PixelChick said...

It is troubling. I used to assume violence against minorities occurred in other parts of the country... But its happening in Jharkhand, my home state, in Ranchi just two hours away from where my parents live. I wonder who's responsible for this attack -the Sangh parivaar or adivasis.

Going home every now and then, I can see and hear the seething rage many Adivasis, Christian and non-, against "outsiders" (like my family that migrated from the South in 1920s) and North Biharis - Jharkhand was carved from South Bihar. Sometimes its an intra-community affair pitting Hindu advasis against Christians over who puts up signs where and pamphlets and the like.

On a side note, I got hooked onto reading Mahashweta Devi's books (English translations) last year. She captured Adivasi angst so well. It shames me that I never thought on these lines when I was living there.

PixelChick said...

Sorry Gash, I got sidetracked by the second link in your post. The attack on the priest in Delhi is equally disturbing.