Monday, May 21, 2007

Planned Parenthood and statutory rape

A UCLA student visited three Los Angeles area Planned Parenthood centers, pretending to be pregnant and underage. At all three places she was advised to lie about her age (which would mean that Planned Parenthood was asking her to break the law, and also avoiding reporting statutory rape), in order to get an abortion.

In return, the organization is now turning around and suing the student (California law prohibits recordings without the subject's knowledge.) -- and under legal advice, the Youtube recordings of her conversations have been taken down.

The matter made national news (a list of stories is at the website of the publication run by this courageous pro-life lot, the Advocate). The print issues of their magazine are worth reading -- (I blogged about their first issue here. If you send in your name and address, they'll mail you a CD with the recordings of the student's interviews with UCLA health center counselors, giving her, really, only one choice. Kill your unborn child.)

[For the record, I know one of the student leaders in this organization very well. He used to be a student at USC. In fact, on Thursday, I was at his place in LA, and we watched the O'Reilly Report's coverage of this story and the interview with the undercover student reporter, together. Also for the record, this was the first time I watched that show. I detest it.]

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