Friday, May 11, 2007

Picturesque South Australia I

Rolling hills, Mt. Compass.

Granite Island, Victor Harbor, on the Southern Ocean. Nothing further south till Antarctica!

Goolwa Beach.

The fruit of the vine.

"Sugarloaf" -- Permian sandstone. The drainage pattern is, of course, quite recent. Halett Cove.

Mclaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula. This is also wine country: I haven't actually been wine tasting before, so this was a first. I'm happy, though, with saying, "ooh nice!" without getting into all the complexities of body and flavor and texture and yada yada. The wines here are among the best, and Australian wines are now pretty well regarded across the globe, it seems. And no, no one has heard of Yellowtail. (According to that website, they're from South Eastern Australia, so, I'd guess around the Melbourne region.) (Nor have they heard of Fosters for that matter. Guess it's not Austaylian for beeah.)

Ended the day's drive at the beach at Halett Cove with some text book geology on display: Permian glacial sandstones with huge erratics ("dropstones" as they're locally called), great ripple effects (including slump folds), a neat unconformity, resting on some beautifully folded Precambrian siltstones. (Hey, I was with a geologist after all. And my geology, though rusty, isn't completely all gone :))

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