Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Into the great silence and evil

Just saw this in my inbox. (It's amazing what a difference having wi-fi in the room makes, vs. going to a cafe! Amazing too how long a time "oh I'll just check email" can morph into! :). It's a short but profound reflection by Fr. John Garvey in the latest Commonweal on the movie "Into the Great Silence" (and monasticism in general) compared to the massacres at Virginia Tech last month. Do go read it.
We are called into being from nothing, and the monks face this as a vocation. They have tried in the life they have chosen to eliminate the distractions that keep us from being what we are called to be. Not all of us are called to this way, but it does illuminate a central truth about life: Ultimately we are alone before God. The paradox is that this solitude is shared with all of humanity, and we are obliged to take up what it means to share it, through charity, through family, through community, and above all through prayer-which means a moment-to-moment acknowledgment of our absolute contingency, our dependence on the will of God who calls us to be.
(I still haven't seen "Great Silence." Anyone out there willing to pool dollars to purcahse the DVD? This ain't going to make it SC, I don't think ... )

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