Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If the normal channels don't work ...

... have the President of the home country talk directly to the Pope. That's what happened with a Lithuanian parish in lower Manhattan, at least according to this Post story!
Pope Benedict XVI wants to see a lower Manhattan church shuttered by Edward Cardinal Egan reopened, according to a European head of state.

The bombshell claim by Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus - whose countrymen built Our Lady of Vilnius church on Broome Street early last century - heartened parishioners when they heard about it yesterday.
I wonder what the folks in Boston would make of this.

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Nobody's Wife said...

The thrill of victory! The agony of defeat! And it ain't over. The Lithuanian press disseminated the story of the Pope's interest in helping our church before the NY Post did. The assertion becomes weaker as it comes closer to the source. The Lithuanian press ("Lietuvos Rytas") said that the Pope promised to help keep the church open. The Lithuanian government's press release stated that the Pope acknowledged an awareness of the situation and intended to open a discussion with the "American bishops." The Vatican website addressed the audience with President Adamkus, but made no mention of Our Lady of Vilnius. What was really disheartening was the condition of the church as we observed it on Sunday morning. Pews gone, stained glass windows nowhere to be seen, statues lying around bubblewrapped like mummies and murals obliterated with blue paint.