Saturday, May 26, 2007

I want my three hours back

Pirates 3. A waste of time. A WASTE! One of the worst movies I've seen. At one point, one of the characters goes, "It's not over!" No sh*t. I glanced at my watch -- easily an hour left. I've rarely wanted a movie to end this much.

Well, it was fun getting a large group (18 of us) going. Like old times. So not completely a waste. ... though it would have been better to stay on at the Nut and drink margaritas.

[Rotten Tomatoes gives it a rotten (48%) rating. Deservedly. I'm surprised only 52% of the critics thought it sucked though. De gustibus ... here's my favorite quote:
Adrift in the windless seas of its 168-minute running time, the viewer passes through confusion and boredom into a state of Buddhist passivity.
For me it was more like active hostility though ... :)]

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Those deliciously bad reviews are often the best thing about a wretched movie.

Will POTC:AWE be worthy of an MST3K treatment in the future?