Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Holy Father in Brazil

I hope to heck y'all aren't following the lame headlines in the MSM. Everything there will be reuced to signals about "policy" on abortion, or how badly the Catholic Church is doing vs. the Pentecostals. The intense dislike and instinctive prejudice in the MSM with regards to the Catholic Church seems to me to be more than entrenched. (The Economist, which I generally love, even as smug as they are, is absolutely infuriating when it comes to religion and to Catholicism in particular. In the penultimate issue [I'll dig up the link later], there was this bizarre reference to the Catholic Church in a review of a book dissing the Eurabia idea for the future of Europe: "Islam in Europe has had a more tolerant history than, say, the Roman Catholic Church." Hoo boy. Talk about bland historical generalizations! But I digress.)

Anway, go to John Allen's excellent daily reportage, and the links at American Papist. I'm sure the Benedict blog will be doing his usual as well.

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