Thursday, May 17, 2007

Does one pray Vesper's twice ...

... when crossing the International Dateline to the east? Leave Sydney at 9:00 pm, arrive in Honolulu at 10:35 am, and then in Los Angeles at 9:20 pm the same day. I love it.

The luggage arrived with me too. I slept for a straight twelve hours -- from midnight to noon. Then shot the breeze with Corey (with whom I'm staying at UCLA) -- you know, philosophy, life, the universe, everything. The kinds of conversations that make it all so much more interesting.

And I'm still sleepy.

Red-eye to Newark tonight. Then back home in the morning. Good old South Carolina. Woo hoo! (Those in Cola ... anyone up for the standard routine when G gets back in town: Thai at 7pm. You know where!)


Anonymous said...


Dogwood and I will not be able to attend the ritual dinner. We are heading to Richmond after work on Friday. We might be back for the 11 on Sunday, still up in the air.

Mrs. Dell

pritcher said...

To add another complication, there's the whole question which Vespers to pray, depending on when the Ascension is celebrated in the diocese you’re passing though. ;-)