Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cuddling Koalas I

Bratwurst breakfast at the market.

After a visit to the Brisbane market this morning (I called it "Fresh Market" but the stuff isn't locally grown. It is trucked up from Victoria, it seems!), and a breakfast of some decent bratwurst with German sauerkraut (out of a can. We're rather far from Germany!), we ended up at Lone Pines Koala Reserve. A touristy zoo, but a neat way to encounter the fauna peculiar to this part of the world: the Tasmanian devils were on vacation and there aren't any platypi here, but we saw kangaroos (red and grey), wallabies, a variety of birds (cockatoos, cockatiels, laughing kookaburras, lorikeets), dingoes and, of course, koalas. One gets to cuddle the cuddly furry things as well and get one's photo taken in the process. It's oh-so-touristy (a bus load of Chinese tourists from Shenzhen wandering around the place noisily just confirmed that. Oh wait. I'm a tourist too.), but one has to do this, of course! And, according to my guidebook (Frommer's), it's legal only in Queensland. The highlight of the visit, however, was a sheep dog show, where a couple of sheep dogs most impressively corralled a bunch of sheep (boy, they do seem dumb!) around the place.

Laughing kookaburra. Every movie that has that "kaa kaa kaa kaa" forest sound is so obviously based on the call of this bird.

Lunch time. Then it's sleep time. That's all they seem to do. Apart from being cuddled. On a very strict rotation: 30 minutes a day tops, three days a week. Sweet life, eh.

Grey kangaroos lounging about. It was rather hot today, come to think of it. Sub-tropical place and all that.

Dog on top of sheep.

Dinner was an exquisite affairs at a British expat couple's place (friends of Mac's, obviously). Just delightful! And my first introduction to Canadian ice wine. I think I'm hooked now.

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