Monday, May 07, 2007

Bill Cork returns to Adventism

Since my foray into the blogosphere, I have enjoyed Bill Cork's blog -- when I first started going it was named "Ut Unum Sint" (after Pope John Paul II's encyclical of the same name) and after that changed to "Built on a Rock." It was somewhat startling to surf there after a hiatus to find that he has left the employ of the Diocese of Forth Worth (well, he was laid-off, it seems) and has returned to his Seventh Day Adventist roots, in a pastoral ministry position.

Obviously, anyone leaving the Catholic Church is an occasion of some sadness and grief, as he himself acknowledges. So, I guess, this is just to invite prayers for him in his spiritual journey as he continues to hear the Lord's call. I don't know him at all personally, so any further comment would be ludicrous. I look forward to seeing what he puts up on his blog in the future!


Anonymous said...

He was employed by Houston-Galveston, not Fort Worth.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't laid off. He resigned. AFTER his "rebaptism" as an Adventist. Wrong order of operations, IMHO. Also he did not come clean with his coworkers about what was going on. A lost soul in more ways than one.