Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Barossa Valley I

Not much time for a travelogue (this is my last night in Adelaide. I take the 6:20 am Jetstar flight to Sydney bright and early on the morrow ...), but I'll post some of the photos from yesterday's and today's wanderings. Yesterday was spent largely in the Barossa valley and I am truly a fan now of a) wine tasting and b) South Australian wines.

Ornamental grapevines in the little German village of Hahnsdorf (founded by Prussian Lutherans fleeing persecution in the early 19th century. Lots of churches around too. In general, or so I'm told, South Australia is a little more religiously observant than the rest of the land ...)

A curious Australian alpaca, cousin of the South American llama.

Wine barrels in the Chateau Tanunda.

Busy tasting wine ...

Vineyards, Chateau Tanunda.

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