Monday, April 30, 2007

Travelin through ...

Since Friday I've been in San Francisco.

Tomorrow, May 1: San Francisco - Honolulu - Sydney - Brisbane
Monday: Brisbane - Cairns (Great Barrier Reef)
Wednesday: Cairns - Adelaide
Sunday: Adelaide - Sydney
Wednesday: Sydney - Honolulu - Los Angeles
Thursday: Los Angeles - Columbia, SC and the end of (this round) of globe trotting. :)

Will be visiting friends in Brisbane and Adelaide. Giving Melbourne a miss -- and Uluru (Ayers Rock) while tempting is simply too darn expensive to get to. No, I'm not stopping in Honolulu: it's just a layover. Hawaiian Airlines had the most competitive fares to Australia! And I earn NW freq. flier miles as well ... :)

The wirless is down right now at the hostel here in SF. Will have more whenever it deigns to come back up.

No, I was nowhere near the section of the Bay Bridge ramp that melted yesterday. No plans to go anywhere near Oakland today ...

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