Sunday, April 01, 2007

Public Stations of the Cross

After coming back to my uncle's place from the Holy Qurbana (see below), my nap was interrupted by the sound of singing coming up from the street below. Turns out it was a public Stations of the Cross! Christ carrying the cross, several dressed up as Roman soldiers and Jewish High Priests (the costumes were clearly inspired by Gibson's "Passion"), an announcer with a microphone and a loudspeaker, and a crowd of oh about 150-200 extending up the road. A couple of cop cars directed traffic around the procession as they prayed the Fourth Station right below where I was!

Looking around, on every floor, in every balcony it seemed, of the surrounding buildings (which would be 6-15 storeys tall), even in the top floor of the seemingly abandoned bhoot bangla ("haunted house") across the street, faces appeared and gawked and watched.

I have never heard of such a procession in Bombay, and certainly not outside a traditionally Catholic enclave like Bandra. Way to go!

[About thirty minutes later, a large truck passed by, jam-packed with young men, a huge Islamic green banner flying atop, and shouts of "Jai-jai takdeer, allah-ho-akbar!" rising up. No idea where they were headed. Ah Bombay!]

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Looks like you had a memorable, international Palm Sunday. "Incensed" Syrians, "Jewish" high priests, rowdy Muslims. SC will be a trifle booring, I fear.

Thought of you today: I chanted Hosanna Filio David at the Solemn entrance at Mass this AM. Thanks for taking the time last year to drill the timing, notes and pronunciation. 8-)