Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy Qurbana - video clips

Here's some short video clips from the Holy Qurbana services I attended. (Report below, and more photos here.)


PixelChick said...

I'm surprised video/photography is allowed. Or is the stipulation that it has to be done unobtrusively?

The first time I went to a church in Kerala, seeing bearded priests swinging pots of frankincense etc brought alive the funeral scene from The God of Small Things. The heavy red curtains going up accompanied by a frenzied rining of bells (probably not bells really, the sounds sounded like a manjeera) - it somehow felt like a theatre production. Also very ancient and timeless.

I had the same sense of stepping inside a time portal when I sneaked into an ambalam (as temples are called in Kerala) some 5-6 kilometers away a coupla days after Janmashtami.

There was this really small - maybe 3 foot high - door, and you crouched down and walked into this huge temple complex. At first I just walked around in typical touristy mode, nonchalantly sauntering around.

Took me a while to notice the 3-400 people in some kind of line for darshan. I think because it was so quiet. Everyone was just whispering their prayers. Only the occasional bell ringing, no priests chanting, or harried housewives elbowing you to get back home from pooja.

Someone came and whispered something to in Malayalam, that I didn't catch. Couldn't ask him to repeat it either, because he had moved away so quickly. My husband hadn't come inside, having refused to take off his shirt at the entrance, and I felt like I was lost.

It was so surreal, I wonder what it was - why so quiet, was it some kind of maun vrat festival? My husband of course had no clue, nor did other Malayali friends I talked to about this.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Gashwin,

I happened to come across your site while looking at some Catholic things online.

There is a wonderful online community of Eastern Catholics, mainly Byzantine but some Malankara and Malabars also, at

Also, you mentioned that you attended the Orthodox Malankara Liturgy, how beautiful. If you would be interested in attending the Malankara Catholic liturgy, there are 4 Churches in the Mumbai area. They are located in BARC, Boisar, Borivli, Malad, and New Bombay. The Malankara Catholic Church has two main websites, and

Thank you for you wonderful pictures and videos. Blessed Qyomto (Resurrection) and greetings from Chicago, IL!