Sunday, April 22, 2007

And quite by chance ...

I got to spend a couple of hours yesterday with my best friend from college, Kem (whom I visited in China back in 2005), who happened to be flying from Houston to Bombay via New York. He (and a coworker) got in on a Continental flight into LaGuardia and had an Emirates flight to Dubai (and on to Bombay) to catch at JFK some two hours later. Yours truly offered to provide taxicab service. We even caught a couple of drinks at a bar at JFK.

Kem and I have done this random-meeting-up before. A couple of times in NYC in the late 90s (I recall driving him around lower Manhattan at night. It was the last time I saw the Twin Towers in person). A few years ago, I was flying back from Oakland to Carolina via Atlanta. The flight was delayed because some minor backup system wasn't working, and the captain decided to go ahead with the flight and stop off in Salt Lake City (a major Delta hub) to get whatever it was that was malfunctioning. While we were on the ground in SLC, Kem calls me up to say he happened to be in the US for a couple of days but hadn't been able to call. He'd be passing through Atlanta later in the day. Just about the time that I was going to end up reaching Atlanta .. so, sure enough, we met up at some random concourse at Hartsfield airport!

[The pic above is apropos nothing. It's a photo of the Manhattan skyline taken soon after take off on a flight from LGA back to Carolina in 2004.]

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