Monday, March 19, 2007

Wow! Go India!

:: UPDATE :: India beat Bermuda by a record 257 runs! Shabash!

Well, the men in blue redeem themselves. A record score of 413 for 5, the highest ever in World Cup Cricket, and only 5 other times that the runs have crossed the 400 mark in ODI history! And man, was it fun to watch? Especially the series of sixes and fours in the Tendulkar-Yuvraj partnership at the end ... a total of 31 boundaries and 18 sixes! A run rate of 8.25! And Sehwag certainly saved himself with that fantastic century.

And a nice finish, with skipper Dravid ending the innings on a sixer, a shandar chackka as the old radio commentators were wont to say ...

Yes, it was against Bermuda, but, after Saturday's humiliation, we needed this.

Of course, it's not over yet. This was only the first innings. We have to keep Bermuda's score down (I heard at some point that we need to beat them by a margin of 150 runs. Something about net run rates). However, I'm not staying up through the night to see Bermuda bat -- I'll see in the morning how we did. [Just hope the rain doesn't screw things up! That would suck!]

My American friends are always stunned when I tell them just how long a cricket match lasts -- five days for a proper Test match (with an additional rest day thrown in the middle). One day (hence ODI -- one day international) for the "shorter version," which is now more popular, and which is what the World Cup consists of.

The jubilation is clouded over by tragedy, however -- Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in his hotel room last night and died in hospital later. So far it's not clear what happened, though the speculation is pointing to an accidental drug overdose. (Incidentally, the English Woolmer was born in Kanpur, India.)

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Hiren said...

Let's hope we have an encore with Sri Lanka. Your American friends are right; in my view we should have best of five one day matches. Test matches are too boring. Bob's death was sad.