Friday, March 23, 2007

This is it ...

... tonight's the night. India has to beat Sri Lanka, else we're out of the World Cup. Yes, the performance against Bermuda was as spectacular as the one against Bangladesh was pathetic.

It's gonna be tough. The Bangladeshi bowling assault that brought us to our knees last Saturday was easily fended off by the Lankans on Wednesday.

Here's to hope, and to the joys of watching cricket through the night. Go India! Ladegaa to jeetegaa and all that.

[And please, can we stop all this superstitious cr*p?
Some astrologers have predicted that March 23 will be an auspicious day for Team India and it will be able to register a victory over Sri Lankan team. Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are predicted to perform well, as is Munaf Patel, according to astrologers
Let's hope the boys rely more on their skills and teamwork, rather than the friggin' stars, or the thousands of havans that are undoubtedly going on around the country.]


PixelChick said...

Oh I'm all for the astrologers having their say, Gash. It's what adds some masala into the mix. They're like the Indian versions of American Chinese fortune cookies. MSNBC had an Indian astrologer during '04, all full of predictions of Kerry winning, Mars ascendant this and Saturn in seventh house that. We all know what happened but it made for fun viewing.

That said, there're millions that take their word seriously but really, if I were to listen to a doomsday prophet, is it my fault or the other guy's? Their power is only as much as you let them exercise. Also don't forget this was in English (newspaper? blog??), so in a sense, people should know better than to believe it word for word.

Gashwin said...

Arrey I know it's masala and all ... but, who really makes serious decisions based on fortune cookies? These darn jyotishes often have people hanging off every word of theirs. I have no problem with them as a silly curiosity, but all those anti-andhavishvas things we got in school obviously had an impact ... :)

The quote was from the article I linked ...

And right now, India is doing pretty darn well keeping the Lankan run rate down and containing them. It's got nothing to do with the jyotish or the grahas ... :)

PixelChick said...

Now after all that propitiation of the gods, India tanked big time. Maybe I should arrange for a bull sacrifice, so Bangladesh loses against Bermuda ;)