Friday, March 16, 2007

The Pope Letter in the news

Come on, is anyone really surprised at the coverage Sacramentum Caritatis is getting in the mainstream media? That there can be several reports on this document that don't even mention the word Eucharist?

St. Blog's is hardly the "real world," so to speak. My humble contribution to a better quality of information dissemenination is to repeat, to anyone who cares to hear (and sitting in western India where the temperatures just reminded us that summer is around the corner, that is really a very few people!), "don't read the newspapers for most of your Catholic stories. Just don't! Go to the blogosphere!"

Bill Cork picks up a few howlers here and here, Robert Imbelli at dotCommonweal nails it, "Swallowing the Gnat," and Terry Mattingly at Get Religion feels our pain, that this "complex, bookish pope letter" just isn't, well, got.

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