Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor...

... pray for us.

Something prompted me to head over for Mass today. Maybe that little voice at the back of the head (my conscience, perhaps?) suggesting that I've not been giving the kind of attention to things spiritual that I ought, especially during this Holy Season.

A young priest presided, a young fellow strummed a few hymns out on his guitar, and some 60-70 of the faithful, of all ages, gathered and worshipped. I smiled at the Gospel -- the mother of the sons of Zebedee doing what mothers do best, advocating for her sons -- and winced at the homily: "Do you make God the center of your life?"

I prayed for many intentions, mainly for my friend's mother, and for Barry who's just starting his round-the-world journey.

After Mass, most of the people stayed behind for the novena prayers to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor. I didn't know most of them, (well yes the Memorare and the Angelus), and didn't have the booket. So I just sat there, closed my eyes, and let the prayers of the Body of Christ gathered lift me up.

It was one of those times of great consolation, of peace, and thankfulness for the love of God poured out.

During Mass we sang this rather saccharine evangelical hymn, something I remember from my college days. It's stayed with me since.
Jesus I adore you, lay my life before you! O how I love you!


Anonymous said...

Hello, G :)

Did they sing this song during the consecration, when the Host is elevated? That's when the parish sings it here. Either that one, or "Oh come let us adore Him..." (yep, from the Christmas Carol, same melody, same words). It's fitting at that time, but I know it's not conventional. At first I used to squirm, now I just go with it. What do you think about it?


Gashwin said...

Hey Georgette: yup, it was right at the Consecration! This was the first time I'd noticed it at this place. However, I just try and ignore the various liturgical um "variations" that are de-rigeur in the Indian church and focus on the Reality one encounters at Mass. Otherwise, I found getting all uptight about the celebration of the liturgy here was getting to be spiritually damaging to me, as it stoked my irritation and my pride. And since I am not on the scene long enough to be part of charitable change, well, shut up and let God use even this!

And at this time, it (the hymn) just worked. Quite powerfully too.

Anonymous said...

I am completely of the same mind! Getting worked up about it only harms I just go with it. It feels more like a Protestant revival at times, and once I even mentioned this to the priest, and he told me, "It's what teh people want," which made me squirm. But you are right, God can and does use even this...or even most especially, this, because the devotion is truly evident.

God bless you always!