Friday, March 23, 2007

My novice brother featured in Knoxville paper

Well, former novice brother to be precise. In the East Tennessee Catholic, the Diocese of Knoxville paper.
“Buster has a joyful nature and that unmistakable Tennessee spirit. He will no doubt be a welcome addition to those in discernment in our novitiate and a gift to the church wherever the Spirit leads him in the future. Of course, I am praying the Spirit agrees with me that he would make a great Paulist priest.”

Mr. Woody’s father, Paul, died six years ago. His mother, Mary Ford Woody, is a retired postmaster and still lives on the family farm where her son grew up. She is among the more devoted readers of the ETC.

“She reads The East Tennessee Catholic and circles the articles that she likes and makes sure that I see them too,” said her son.

Mrs. Woody is also president of the Buster Woody fan club.

“She’s still Baptist, and when I first became a Catholic years ago, she was a little leery, but now she’s my biggest cheerleader,” said Mr. Woody.
Go Buster! :-)

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