Friday, March 02, 2007

Modern day slavery

No, not metaphorical. Slavery to sin, or alcohol or drugs. Slavery. An eye-opening CT story on the modern slave trade (aka human trafficking).
These days, Kachepa and Shepherd are an unlikely duo: a freed modern-day slave and his reluctant liberator. They travel nationally, advising other victims of human trafficking, pushing lawmakers to make enforcement of antislavery laws a true priority, and speaking at antislavery events.

They combat an ancient scourge that has never really gone away. Two hundred years after William Wilberforce campaigned to abolish the slave trade within the British Empire, slavery continues. Experts estimate there are 27 million slaves worldwide today, probably more than at any time in human history. About 17,000 are trafficked annually into the United States.

"They are not slaves in a metaphorical sense," notes International Justice Mission founder Gary Haugen. "They are held in forced servitude by other human beings."

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St. Izzy said...

One of the segments/articles on Vatican Radio's English edition for 28 February was on current slavery in Britain. And I often have to remind my privileged private-school students that there is still slavery in the US (illegal, but still happening). They've heard (because of the school's connections with Haiti) of , and a very few were aware this week of the misdeeds of foreign diplomatic staff, but they just can't wrap their young minds around the notion that these things are going on all around them, and that their own spending habits may be contributing to the problem.