Monday, March 26, 2007

John 8

Pontifications quotes St. Augustine's comments on the story of the woman caught in adultery, as narrated in the eight chapter of St. John's gospel, which was the reading this past Sunday.
What is this Lord? Are you giving approval to immorality? Not at all. Take note of what follows: Go and sin no more.

You see then that the Lord does indeed pass sentence, but it is sin he condemns, not people.

One who approved of immorality would have said; “Neither will I condemn you. Go and live as you please; you can be sure that I will acquit you. However much you sin, I will release you from all penalty, and from the tortures of hell and the underworld.”

He did not say that. He said: “Neither will I condemn you; you need have no fear of the past, but beware of what you do in the future. Neither will I condemn you: I have blotted out what you have done; now observe what I have commanded, in order to obtain what I have promised.”

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