Monday, March 12, 2007

"I am God"

Or so the Bombay High Court hears from one Dharmendra Mishra, a 30-year old call-center employee.
“I’m Ram, Vishnu, Buddha, and Christ. I know everything that goes around. I should be given the same powers enjoyed by President A P J Abdul Kalam. “Whatever I say should be considered a rule and followed by the whole world,” the 30-year-old call centre employee told a bench comprising acting chief justice J N Patel and justice S C Dharmadhikar.

Arguing his case in person, Mishra pleaded that he be given the reins of the country and the universe. His petition mentions that his wife is ‘Laxmi’ and she recollects instances from her previous births.

He claims that his son is an incarnation of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi while Congress president Sonia Gandhi was his mother in his previous birth.

He insists that he would not die even if he consumes a poisonous substance such as potassium cyanide. Apparently, he has apprised the President, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, Sonia Gandhi and Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan about his divine powers.

After Mishra spok e for nearly 20 minutes, the court said it could not entertain his petition. “It is not in our jurisdiction to declare you God,” it said.
But, why on earth does "God" need the permission of the Bombay High Court to legitimize his divine rule? Via India Uncut, which adds,
But the most delightful element of it all is that the fellow works in a call center. I can imagine some poor housewife from Texas calling a helpline because her washing machine isn’t working, and this guy picks up and says, “Hello, this is God on the line. How may I help you?”
I wonder if he still has a job. It's possible -- I'm sure his boss wouldn't want to be reincarnated as a cockroach!

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