Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two hours

Indigo is a pretty decent airline. I couldn't survive this seat pitch for a much longer flight though.

The approach into Bombay was on Runway 32, not the standard 27. This is the first time since I started noticing such things, that I've landed on Rwy 32. A beautiful approach, with a beautiful view of the nuclear reactor at BARC in Trombay. I'm sure if I'd had my camera out, some IAF MiGs would have appeared and done nasty things.

Spent the day with my best friend from college who's in the country for a bit. This is just what I needed.

As I was standing at baggage claim, I suddenly realized with a start that I had not thought of my father in over two hours.

I guess that will slowly increase.


Jason nSJ said...


Even in all the years I was a flight attendant, you may be the first person I've ever encountered who gave a hoot about which runway you were landing on!

It was even somewhat of a joke among flight attendants when the pilot announced which runway we'd be landing on. "Runway 32? Oh boy, that's my favorite runway!"

Gashwin said...

Heh. That's cause I'm a huge aviation buff, and if I had the time and the money, and if I didn't have this little thing saying "priesthood" I'd be getting my PPL in a heartbeat, and maybe even pursuing a career in the skies.

Anonymous said...

I think we have been through this before but I am going to take it a bit further this time. Talk to the Pope and see if he would not back Catholic Air! Tickets would cost a tithe and you would get the proper Catholic calisthenics in during flight. You could be the priest and the pilot! and a Deacon could be the co-pilot! Ok now I am off to go hide under a rock before the lightning strikes.


Jennifer said...

I have not lost a parent yet, but I know how you mean when you talk about realizing you haven't thought about someone. It's both a good sign and a sad sign.