Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Travelling again

Just arrived in Bombay a short while back. A good friend from college is in town from Australia. He lost his dad to lung cancer a year back (the anniversary Mass is this evening).

Took the Indigo flight from Delhi via Baroda ... amazingly, it left early and landed early! A Rs. 100 ($2.2) charge for the extra leg-room emergency exit row. And yes, approach was on Runway 32 again, and I got some footage too. :-)

Cricketer Irfan Pathan (who's from Baroda) was on the flight ... he boarded the plane last, surrounded by a small throng of ground staff shaking his hand, of whom one obligingly brought his cabin baggage on board, and welcomed by tittering flight attendants. And at baggage claim, a small crowd gathered to get his autograph and photos. The otherwise hypersensitive paranoia of Indian airports about photography was no match for the presence of a member of Team India.

Taking the night train to Baroda tomorrow.

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