Wednesday, February 28, 2007

That infernal side berth

It happens. Every darn time. Whenever I travel on Indian Railways by II-AC, the computer invariably assigns me a friggin' side berth. I ought to write to Laluji (the Railway Minister) that they should ask their clients' height when making a booking. Infernal side berths. You know, those pokey little benches on the side of the corridor. They are a little less than 6 feet long. I am a little more than 6 feet long. The lower one is formed by two seats folding together, so there's always a rather uncomfortable bump in the middle. Grr. I-AC, which doesn't have side berths, was full up. Every time I vow, "Never again!" and, of course, I end up in a side berth again.

Hmph. (At 4:00 am, the passenger in the adjoining lower berth -- the "regular" one -- disembarked at Surat. So, at least I could stretch out for the two hours it took to get to Baroda.)

At 6:15 am, I got out of the rick and looked at the darkened house, and a whole wave hit me. Papa's not at home. He won't be. Ever again.

What a deep and vast ocean this.


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Glad you made it back, despite the frustrations.

Speaking of frustrations, how are things going in Babu's Wonderful World of Probate?

Gashwin said...


In person, I'll explain why "probate" is not to be used, and why "succession" is.

But things are plodding along. Plod plod. Bump. Plod plod.

I do think pretty much all the i's will be dotted and t's crossed by the time I head back Stateside. :)