Saturday, February 10, 2007

I don't think I really understand this

Rome rabbi applauds ADL for boycotting French cardinal | National Catholic Reporter Conversation Cafe ... because Cardinal Lustiger converted to Catholicism, the Chief Rabbi of Rome and the chairman of the ADL cannot attend a panel on Nostra Aetate which celebrated the new era inaugurated by that document in Catholic-Jewish relations?

Surely we are beyond the era of "the only good Jew is one who leaves Judaism to embrace Christianity." Or, maybe not. Centuries of mistrust cannot be erased in 40 years, however long that seems from the point of view of an individual lifetime.

Yet, what does this say about the Jewish understanding of religious freedom?

Would there be similar cageyness on the Catholic side if a similar panel involved, say, a Catholic convert to Judaism? I don't know. One may or may not like that, but surely one has to respect an individual's decision.

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