Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well, I don't know when I'll find time to write about everything on the trip (and the posts from before that are roiling around the bean) ... The Golden Temple was breathtaking. The border flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah (the closest I've been to Pakistan!) was hysterical! What a tamasha! The cycle-rickshawallah I hired for the two days turned out to be a Hindu married to a Christian ... he took me around to a few of the churches in the area as well.

And on the Shatabdi Express back to Delhi, the guy sitting next to me turned out to be an Air India Boeing 777 captain! Boy, did I pick his ears or what! :) (So why was an AI captain on a train? He'd just flown in from Birminghan [There are direct flights to London {Jet Airways. That would explain the A330 I saw on approach the other day} and Birmingham {AI}] and was on his way to Bombay via Delhi. The Delhi flights [Air Deccan and Jet] were booked, so, much to his consternation, ended up on a train.)

The gate at Wagah, the border between India and Pakistan.

Detail of a panel on the gate leading to the Harminder Sahib

Harminder Sahib (The Golden Temple), the holiest shrine of Sikhism.

St. Francis Catholic Church, Amritsar


Barry said...

Should I go see that temple if I am in India?

Anonymous said...

Tamasha? I'm curious.

The other thing really interesting to me about this post is how you've taken the trouble to a) sprinkle a variety of braces, b) close all of them in the correct order

Pilot ambitions or no, you have all the makings of a software professional :)

Take care

Gashwin said...

@Barry -- the Golden Temple is gorgeous. Whether you should go or not really depends on how much time you'll have in India. There's tons of things to see. I'd put it in a tier-2 of places to see.

Good luck with preparations for your adventure! I'll send a longer email soon.

@ Pram: A software professional? Only if it doesn't take more than a bureaucratic perfectionist approach to braces! :) Will write more about Wagah. It really is fun.