Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The uses of turmeric

No, not a new Arundhati Roy novel. An article in Scientific American about the possible uses of that traditional Indian spice in the fight against cancer.

Now I know why my grandma made me drink that yukky haldi milk as a kid.


mike a. said...

I'm usually skeptical of such supposed "breakthroughs." I've seen too many come and go. But for this I'll willingly suspend disbelief. Anything that increases the availability of Indian food in the States gets my seal of approval.

Georgette said...

I can believe this. I think God provides remedies in foods and nature in all places throughout the world. Tumeric is also a known anti-biotic (as is garlic and red chillies). I was intrigued when I found tumeric-filled Band-Aid brand (American company) bandages at the medical shops here! But it makes sense--the servants always reach for the tumeric for first-aid for any burn or abraision. And it seems to speed up healing.